"The ability to truly comprehend a brand personality along with design intent is not easy. When reaching out for a perfect partner to deliver our New Zealand based designers’ vision for Haier, iDesign were the clear stand out. They took it to another level when project managing the job through from manufacture to installation with a best in class approach to communication across more than 100 stakeholders! Exceptional result!"

Kym Porter - Global General Manager - Retail Experience




The Good Guys stores across Australia

iDesign worked with Haier to create a display that would be rolled out to all The Good Guys stores to expand their retail foot print in store and showcase the Haier front loader and dryer range.

The modular system allowed for flexibility in store and for a smoother installation process, whilst creating the look and feel of a single unit. The LED lighting created a glow to the base and header which increased the presence of the stand in store. 

Roll out was across all of The Good Guys stores across Australia over a short period with great success and glowing response from both brand and retailer.

As a result, Haier Laundry now has a permanent home in all The Good Guys stores across Australia and has reached a milestone of greater brand presence in the market.






Haier, the number one brand of major appliances in the world, briefed iDesign to showcase their new T Series fridge range.

Competitors in store were driving the category with large end caps. Haier required a solution that was on brand, simple to assemble, as well as easy being able to work with multiple sized fridges across the range.

All graphics were inter-changeable in addition to the header and front left display box being illuminated.

National rollout: designed, manufactured, warehoused and installed by iDesign.


Results: Immediately Haier were more prominent and now have the opportunity to own space in store across multiple retailers.



AIR-CONditioning WALL

Air-conditioning distributors across Australia

iDesign Group worked with Haier and the Air-conditioning team to create a 3-bay wall display that showcased both indoor and outdoor units. 

With varying retail space sizes, iDesign was able to create a design that was compact enough to fit in all required wall spaces and also showcase a variety of product while staying true to the Haier branding look and feel.

The roll out of the units went across Australia into Haier air-conditioning distributors, creating a greater presence for the brand and category.

IMG_6318 copy.jpg

Custom 2.5m high Display




Following the success of the Three Bay Air Conditioner Display, Haier approached iDesign to create another display that was compact enough to allow for more distributors and retailers to be able to accommodate a Haier branded display with their store.

iDesign created the single wall bay display that was able to accommodate both an indoor and an outdoor unit as well as a TV screen to showcase the capabilities of the range.

The units have been successfully installed throughout Australia and have the flexibility for the range to be updated if and when required.






Haier briefed us to showcase their innovative new Twin Tasker Dual Load Washer to the Australasian market. Designed in two sizes for end caps in multiple retailers, but suitable as a stand-alone fixture when required, the clever solution showed an LED illuminated acrylic representation of twin tubs on one side, and key information/branding panels around the display, highlighting key messaging in 360 degrees.

The use of Pixalux® light panels for signage, header and base, allowed illumination to key areas on the display. A soft white halo of LED down lighting under the base drew attention and grounded the display. The metalware structure came fully assembled with minimal installation required onsite ensuring non disruption over the busy Christmas period.

v8_TGG 1400w _02_F2.jpg