Do flat 3D renders and animations not quite cut it...? Do you need something extra to get your design pitch over the line? iDesignGROUP have the in house capability to produce immersive VR (Virtual Reality) POS and shop fitting solutions for our clients. Once the initial design is created our VR team can transfer the 3d model into a virtual space, which enables the user to experience their product or store design through the use of a specialised VR headset and motion tracking system. Like on digital gaming platforms you can move around the virtual world interacting with realistic elements like shelves or products. This innovative technology will enable your brand to present your product giving a sense of space, and ergonomics which just isn't possible from a plain visual.

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We are industrial designers first and foremost, so when we work with you to design your next display or shop we will create these concepts in a 3D CAD system.

VR cad designer.jpg


Our VR team at iDesign will then take your design concepts and bring them to life in a 3 dimensional store environment allowing  you to fully engage with the objects in a realistic kind of way.




This is an ideal tool to show off the functionality of a display or the different elements of an in-store environment.
Like in modern computer games you can move around a virtual world interacting with realistic elements to experience a real sense of space, and ergonomics.