Planogram Portal

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iDesign have developed a planogram app for Brands to set out and publish their product layout in the retail space. The simple process enables you to log onto an iDesign hosted web address and select through the menu your display and product range to planogram. The fully customisable platform enables display images to be rendered and used as a rear template and the product images are photographed in each option. A stock on hand tab has been included for client viewing. Once the planogram has been completed a pdf document can be published and emailed to appropriate stakeholders.

Australian Innovation Patent:  2018100011 AU



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We use our existing 3D files of your displays to create a library of all your store fixtures. Store specific and to-scale.

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Based on the dimensions of your displays and your products we will then build a to-scale library of all your products, making sure everything is in proportion when you create your drag&drop planogram.

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 Once the planogram has been created the can be saved, shared, duplicated or edited whenever required.